Piece by Piece

2010-08-03 20:20:28

Katie Melua - Piece by piece. Klicka på bilden för att lyssna!

First of all must go, your scent upon my pillow
And then I'll say goodbye to your whispers in my dreams
And then our lips will part, in my mind and in my heart
Cos your kiss went deeper than my skin.

Piece by piece, is how I'll let go of you
Kiss by kiss, will leave my mind one at a time
One at a time

First of all must fly, my dreams of you and I
There's no point of holding on to those
And then our ties will break, for your and my own sake
Just remember, this is what you chose.

Postat av: Josefine

Låter som kärleksproblem? Tänkte på att du markerat, eller va man ska säga, sista raden. :/

2010-08-04 @ 04:24:04

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